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Default 2015 Ford Mustang GT – All American V8 Goodness

The current Ford Mustang GT is, without doubt, the best Ford sports car on sale right now. Despite retaining the iconic Mustang fastback shape, everything about the Mustang is 21st century. The front end is aggressive, permanently affixed in a scowl befitting its V8 heart. Thanks to modern DRL lights, even the most oblivious drivers will notice the Mustang GT snarling away in their rear mirrors. The rear retains the classic three slotted lights, now with turn signals cleverly integrated with the brake lights. The interior has been updated with the latest must-have gadgets such as Bluetooth, satnav, seat warmers, and so on, but the dual binnacle instrument cowl and rocker switches harks back to the golden age of muscle cars.

Pinning all four wheels to the ground is a new chassis that blows the traditional ‘muscle cars can’t turn’ stigma out of the water; this is a very capable sports car in its own right. With independent rear suspension, an optional Performance package that includes an LSD alongside other chassis upgrades, the Mustang GT is more than happy to chase corners as it does sprinting down straight roads.

Finally, we get to the gem in the crown; the 5L V8, nicknamed Coyote. It’s an apt name, the dual overhead cam, ultra modern V8 chucks out 306kW at a stratospheric 6500RPM, howling its way to the redline. With 530Nm of torque peaking at 4250RPM, the Mustang GT can go from a cruisey cantor to a frenetic gallop with a stamp of the right foot. Pin the throttle long enough, and it breaks the 0-100kph at 4.7 seconds. Those pesky German hot hatches will remain firmly in the rear view mirror.

Sadly, to keep up with modern expectations, the Mustang GT seems to be muted from factory. The V8 roar is still there, although to the discerning driver it might sound like the exhaust note is a few car lengths behind. With no multi-mode exhaust option on the equipment list, the signature Mustang noise has been lost to the driver thanks to modern NVH standards.

Thankfully, XForce has just the vocal remedy for the Mustang GT. The XForce Varex catback exhaust system for the Mustang GT brings the noise back. The 3in cat-back system is available as polished or non-polished, and looks the business with massive 4in tips. The Varex mufflers means the driver can go from full noise to whisper quiet at a click of a button. The adjustable flap inside of the mufflers closes to quiet down the Mustang when cruising around town, and then opens all the way for when you’re going for a hard drive. The 3in twin catback exhaust is also available without the Varex mufflers, for those who want loud 24 hours, 7 days a week.

For more info on XForce’s catback exhaust system for the 2015 Ford Mustang GT, click HERE.

For those who want more control and customisation of the exhaust note, the Varex system can be paired with the Varex Smart Box. The Varex Smart Box can adjust the Varex mufflers infinitely, via 3 modes; Manual, Matrix and Geo. The settings are adjusted via the Varex App downloadable on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

The Manual mode allows the user to select 5 pre-set valve positions. The user can also save his/her preferred exhaust settings too. The Matrix mode switches the valve between settings, based on engine RPM, throttle position and speed. All these can be pre-set by the driver; preferably with a passenger assisting in setting it. The Geo mode automatically switches the valve settings according to the car’s location. For example, you can set your neighbourhood to be a region where the valves stay closed, and the Smart Box will only open the exhaust valves outside of this fixed region. The valves can also open or close at various positions as determined by you, automatically adjusting according to the user’s pre-set regions.

To find out more about the Varex Smart Box, click HERE.

While the Varex mufflers bring the thunder, XForce’s specially developed 1” 7/8 stainless steel headers and 3in metallic catalytic convertors bring the lightning. The tuned length headers and high flow convertors ensure that the exhaust gasses make their way out the back as efficiently and quickly as possible, letting that 5L V8 scream towards the redline quicker.

For more info on XForce headers for the 2015 Ford Mustang GT, click HERE.

Find your nearest authorised XForce dealer HERE.
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