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Old 01-10-2013, 01:47 AM   #1
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Default AU fairmont brake upgrade

Hi guy I have an AU1 fairmont 1999 and I was just wondering what type of brake caliber upgrades are available for this model.
Ford Fairmont AU1 1999 4.0L 6CYL:

XR rear bumper, XR side skirts, TS50 front bumper, BF fog lights, 3" Stainless Steel Cold Air Intake, K&N Pod Filter, Air Breather on Crankcase valve, Blue silicone hoses, 2.5" Mild Steel Exhaust with Pacemaker ceramic coated extractors and 200PSI high-flow cat, One into Dual 3" Stainless Steel Tip, Complete LED interior conversion, HID Hi/Low 6000K 35w kit, 18" Chrome Wheels, Slightly Rolled front Guards, 6 Speaker Aftermarket Sound System with 12" sub.
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Old 02-10-2013, 03:42 PM   #2
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Default Re: AU fairmont brake upgrade

Hi - Unfortunately we do not offer any brake caliper upgrades.
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Old 08-10-2013, 04:13 PM   #3
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Default Re: AU fairmont brake upgrade

G'day mate, figured I might as well chip in here...

1. AU1 is difficult for two reasons which are (a) that the calliper bolt pattern is completely different to AU2 on, and (b) the standard wheels are fairly small in diameter so there will be a limit to what will fit anyway. The standard front rotors are fairly thin and the pad is a single piston setup which saw at least one NSW HWP car crash as a result of brake failure, you can google this story.

2. Cheapest option may be to simple replace all the discs and pads with RDA slotted and HPX or Remsa and change the fluid. This would be under $350 and may suffice for now. At least then if you regularly barbeque the brakes you can just buy some new front brakes every 12 months or so for about $200.

3. Next cheapest option would be as above but to fit some 'high temperature' front discs like DBA 4000s which will tolerate abuse a bit bitter and the 'high temperature high friction' pads, possibly like EBC redstuff, although I'm not the expert on pads, you could ask Matt at Racebrakes which pads will give the most outright friction. Also remove any 'dust shields' which may prevent disc cooling. If you have alloy wheels at least these act as a bit of a heat soak between braking efforts. I suspect purchasing the above bits will run close to $500 for a total of $700 when added to point (2) but at least you don't need to do any major mechanical work. May be good enough if the car is not overly powerful or modified or you can 'drive around' the relatively less powerful brakes. I sort of like this idea because you are not spending a heap of money on what is probably a relatively cheap (but still quite nice) car. Y

3. If you do need more performance than this another option would be to track down an early Tickford brake kit although I suspect this would be either very expensive of impossible to find.

4. Next option is to swap in some AU2 or AU3 front end components. These include stub axles, lower control arms, sway bar and mounts, possibly ABS sensors, and then a new wheel alignment. Possibly you could get all these parts for about $500 in good nick and spend a day fitting it all up if you have a garage and a fair range of tools. So call it at least $300 of your time to get all the parts and install them.

The AU2 brakes are better but still not perfect so if I was going this route I'd be tracking down BF series 322 mm discs and calipers and front hoses to be on the safe side which will be a lot better. Probably $200 in good second hand condition although if you are chasing really good brake performance then you'd really want new rotors and at least HPX or Remsa type pads, and if you're going to go nuts and want the best performance possible at least new discs and performance pads wound be better - perhaps buy calipers SH and the rest new for a total of $300. And allow another half a day of messing around for mixing and matching brake parts.

Final problem is that you need at least 17 inch wheels to fit over the 322 mm discs so if you don't have these already then you are probably looking at an extra $800 for good SH wheels and tyres to suit. And a little more time to track them down and fit them. I'd be careful about what wheels you get though since many aftermarket wheels make Fairmonts look a bit trashy. Maybe some BA Ghia wheels would be the go?

5. Another option if you are just commuting might be to just do point (1) and get some better tyres so you can carry more corner speed instead? I'm pretty sure my car cornered faster on Toyo Proxes for example as compared to Toyo Teos.

6. Anyway here's the final damage:
- Replace standard parts with RDA slotted, HPX or Remsa, new fluid for about $350
- Change front brakes to DBA 4000, EBC Redstuff, add $350ish for ~ $700 total
- Tyre upgrade for $500 odd assuming you can get a little for your old ones if they are in good nick
- Or replace front suspension parts, discs, calipers, wheels and spend about $1500 to $1800 and two days of labour!

So it probably depends on how much you want to spend and how much you enjoy working on your car. I'd probably be leaning towards saying it's not going to be a racing car whatever you do and try not to spend too much since you'd ultimately get a better result by buying a later model car if you can arrange a loan, and what you have is probably still quite a nice car to get around in.

PS: If you decide to just replace the brakes with new rotors, pads etc. drop a line to Matt at Racebrakes. I haven't bought anything off him yet but his prices are good and he's provided a lot of good advice on this forum :-)

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Old 29-06-2014, 03:04 PM   #4
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Default Re: AU fairmont brake upgrade

Hi, I have au2 fair ghia, twin pot fronts slotted, solid rear 1 pot, I have a spare set pbr calipers rotors, can the front twin pots fit on rear? And what's the options for fitting rear rotors? Thanks, for your knowledge. I think rears are different for hand brake? Etc.
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