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KPM Motorsport Leading BA-FG Performance Development Adelaide/Australia. Website Link

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KPM Motorsport
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Default Mustang Tuning Specialists - Streetfighter Workshops

Mustang Tuning Specialists- Streetfighter Workshops

Vehicle technology over the last decade and especially the last several years has advanced at a faster rate than ever before.
This is also true for the all new Australian 2016 Mustang.

The major advancements are not so much the mechanical aspects but the ever evolving electronics that now run most vehicle systems including engine and transmission calibrations.
Current vehicle electronics on the all-new Mustang are so advanced that almost every major component of the car knows what the other system components are doing at any given point.

This means that the engine knows exactly what the brake system is doing, the brakes know what the transmission is doing, even down to systems knowing what octane fuel you have in the tank.

To be able to tune the new Mustang correctly requires the workshop specialist to be up to date with an intimate knowledge of the advanced systems that control the vehicle.
Without training and a thorough understanding of the new Mustang, an unsuspecting tuner can easily create problems in multiple areas of the vehicle management systems.

Traditional tuning methods will not take into account the multiple interactions that that can be affected by making unsuspecting tuning changes.
For example, the tuner may achieve a power increase, however the transmission reacts incorrectly or the driveability suffers, or the vehicle continually goes into safety mode or even worse false system interaction causes complete failure.

The specialist also needs to understand the effect that adding an upgrade component may cause to the complete vehicle performance.
Understanding how to correctly select and tune a component so that it interacts perfectly with the vehicle is paramount in upgrading your new Mustang.

We have already experienced multiple cases of unsuspecting Mustang owners purchasing parts off internet or from overseas companies causing fitment or drivability issues.
This is due to the owner having to organise their own fitment with tuning being supplied from overseas not suiting our Australian conditions or your individual vehicle perfectly.

You cannot achieve optimum results for your individual Mustang with a tune calibration that is generic (one tune fits all).
Optimum, reliable results are achieved by monitoring signals from your individual Mustang on dyno while recalibrating to suit our unique Australian fuels and conditions.

Streetfighter Specialist Workshops have had firsthand training in the calibrations of the Mustang system. This ranges from computer power re-calibrations on dyno, Supercharger upgrades to full vehicle builds.

Every Streetfighter Mustang calibration/tune is carried out on our own specialist workshop dyno, using local fuels whilst calibrating and customising all parameters to perfectly suit your individual upgrade and vehicle for optimum results.

With Ford specialist calibration engineer training and component systems training direct from manufactures, Streetfighter workshops can correctly take care of all your Mustang performance requirements.

Only a Streetfighter Workshop near you can offer a 3 Year Driveline Warranty and ADR Compliancy of our products and packages for your new Mustang.

Professional, peace of mind, road legal performance for your all-new 2016 Mustang.

Nothing Comes Close!

Find your closest Streetfighter Specialist Workshop by logging onto:

Australia and New Zealand


Streetfighter Specialist Workshops exclusive 3 Year Driveline Warranty

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