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Old 11-02-2018, 07:01 PM   #1
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Default ef fairmont owner

hi everyone

bought a ef fairmont 4.0 back in july 2012 and since then been doing quite a lot to it.

in 2012 a month after getting car got it put back on lpg and then got a sports exhaust for it and put it on, and then got extractors for it and had trouble getting them to seal and patched them up.

then in 2013 took the first sports exhaust off and extractors off and got a redback exhaust and a better set of extractors and fitted it all and much better after that.

later 2013 got a set of au injectors as the old ones were worn out and also got a xr6 computer and tried it.

in 2014-2015 got a fairlane interior and in 2015 bought dl ltd electric seat bases (just need the electric backs though do have the motors, shouldve got the backs too)

from 2016 to now been doing alot of jobs some bigger than others. and blew a head gasket so just patched it up with sealer to hopefuly keep it going for a bit and got the water pump heater pipe modified (just cut it behind bracket behind water pump and got some bends and brought it out other way and got a brass fitting welded and just got heater hose running around side which is alot easier.

in 2017 got a larger radiator and cooler thermostat, then got a new heater pipe for the thermostat housing and later that year had to get a new fuel pump as that went because it wasnt run much on petrol like it should every so often. also replaced the sender assembly as it was rusted out from sitting in old stale petrol, but using a eb/ed one because want the push on hose and clamp not the quick disconnect

also using gates submersible fuel hose 100 psi to connect fuel pump to the assembly.

just a little problem, sometimes on take off first thing and if its been sitting for a while it looses power then comes good for rest of time. usually it only does it once or twice then comes good again and doesnt do it again until its been sitting for a while. got it going on petrol, and other than that it starts first go and runs ok on petrol

the fairmont has following

1. its using a xr6 ecu with a standard fuel reg and engine (wasnt a problem till now as was mostly using gas but that stopped working and at moment using petrol), would it be a good idea to put a standard computer back in or fit the xr6 reg, wondering if the mismatched ecu and fuel reg have anything to do with it.

2. have replaced the fuel pump and holder and fuel filter, need to replace injectors but havent yet replaced them anad thinking that the injectors may be a little blocked from when it picked up all the old stale petrol in tank. when pulling the old ef sender out the earth terminal for the sender had varnish on it and the assembly smelt like varnish as the petrol had gone off, but now ran a few tanks new petrol to clean out the old petrol but put another fuel pump in to get it running and now the old petrols out the tank put a new fuel pump and assembly in.

3. when the water pump leaked it made a mess near front of engine and crank angle sensor, would that be a possibility shouldnt be though as if it was it wouldnt even start and run.

4. when the head gasket went it was blowing steam out exhaust, was wondering wether the oxy sensor might have been affected, is there a chance the cat converter might be blocked.

5. the head gasket has been patched up and is better still got to keep checking it.

hopefully now youre told a little about the ef fairmont that it might help you lot

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Old 04-03-2018, 05:45 AM   #2
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Default Re: ef fairmont owner

Why dont you just replace the head gasket? Get the head checked while you have it off
1992 EBII Fairmont Ghia 4.0l, white on BBS. Cruising under the radar
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