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Default Re: New and 2nd hand car prices in Australia... Why so expensive?

Originally Posted by csv8 View Post
Australians have been ripped of for years and it just keeps happening.
eg : I have a Phillips electric cutters are $90 here, I get them air freighted from America for $40 !!! there is no justification for a $50 price gouge. Phillips told me "its freight etc" !!!
So you freight direct, you spend the time to source, pay the bill,deal on line,or via fone, thats your time and thats usually free
Then possibly a trip to the post office and a scribbled and your done
Paying someone by the hour to do this service costs money,plus any other costs
I doubt someone is gunna sit there all day flicking 1 razor in a bag,organise transport/freight,and anything else for free
Usually its a box/carton/pallet at a time, then a freight company charge or inhouse,still a cost, then the shipping costs, then the costs to take off the ship, then another freight charge, then a retailer charge,then the governments slice
Everyone has a slice of the pie, from the manufacture, freight,storage,retailer
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