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Default Re: New and 2nd hand car prices in Australia... Why so expensive?

Originally Posted by robbyj View Post
was talking to a pommy bloke who moved over here, he has a nice job, nice house, nice car etc. but he said to go back to England not having any actual "skills" like a trade, the most he could earn is 100 pound a week.

Try living off that :/
they might pay well for stuff like motoring costs , but i`ll bet they probably don`t pay 8 buks for a hamburger, or 500+ dollars each time the electricity bill comes in for an average 3 bedroom home, or 70 buks or upwards for a decent pair of shoes.
look at the price of housing here,
just did a google, The average cost of a UK home is now 162,245.

the average for an Australian property at july 2012 had come down to $550,000.
it`s expensive to live here, it`s expensive to do business.
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