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Default Re: Ford Falcon Automatic Tranmission Cooling Units

G'day everyone,

I drive an '07 RTV, 190 barra with a four speed trans.

I've been reading all about the transmission cooler issues our Fords have and decided I should have a closer look at my own.

Turns out it has a trans cooler fitted in front of the radiator (which I gather is a good thing), routed through the heat exchanger below the manifold (which I gather is NOT such a good thing.

I understand that a regular setup now is to have a trans cooler which bypasses the heat exchanger altogether, therefore removing the risk of engine coolant contamination in the trans fluid.

My question is: If I want to achieve this bypass, can I just remove the engine coolant hoses from the heat exchanger, join them together and just leave the transmission fluid running through the heat exchanger?

My thinking is: The engine coolant issue would then be completely removed, so, is there any point going to the trouble of disconnecting the transmission fluid pipes and joining them together? Is there any harm having the trans fluid running through the exchanger?

Just trying to save a little time/effort.

I'd appreciate your thoughts
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