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Default Forged BOSS & KB

Hi Guys,

I was wondering what the ball park cost would be for a Full preped Forged Boss rebuild with a KB install to top it off?? Would this be a cost effective way of achieving a reliable 400+rwkw daily driver. BF or FG XR8 platform.

Or should i spend the extra up front for the Coyote SC 5.0 and give it a tune with exhaust upgrade.?

====Past Rides====
'04 BA XR6T 5spd T5: Nizpro Tuned, Valve springs, CIA, Injectors, 256RWKW
'04 BA XR8 4spd BTR:Bluepower Tuned, BPR CAI, Big Boy exhaust, Hi Stall, 4.11s, 248RWKW PB:13.2@105mph
'92 EB Fairmont GHIA 5.0LT 5spd T5:Stock with a cat back exhaust.
'06 BF Fairlane GHIA 230Boss ZF 6spd: BPR CIA, cat back Exhaust.

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'10 FPV GS Ute ZF 6spd:#108. With all the fruit.
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