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Default FG PCM troubles


I've just done an N/A FG Barra and Tremec TR6060 manual conversion into an EF Falcon and having trouble getting it to run.

I've tried using a mates BF PCM that has all the PATS disabled on it and it runs for a second or 2 and then cuts out. I understand that the BF PCM is a bit different to the FG. Anyway with the FG PCM plugged in it turns over but won't fire. I towed the car 3.5hours away to a tuner who said he could remove the PATS off the FG PCM but it was a failure. We removed the usual PATS off the PCM via a HP tune but it still wouldn't fire and kept chucking up anti-theft codes. He said that it usually works with the BA-BF setups so wasn't sure why it didn't work with the FG motor and said that Ford must have a hidden anti-theft setup with the FG.

I asked Matt Power about it and he said he was talking to Chris about it.

Are you guys able to help me out in anyway?

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