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Default Club Introduction

All Ford Club of Western Australia Inc (AFCWA) is a new club catering for people who own any Ford badged vehicle, and are looking to join a club where they have as much say in what goes on as the "leaders" do. Something which makes us different from some other clubs is the fact there is no leaders only members. So we all listen to what you want as a group and try and deliver the goods. Family orientated and friendly is our aim as well as trying to make it always fun and exciting for everyone. We run cruises and events monthly whilst participating in annual events such as Powercruise and Motorvation.

So if you own a Ford vehicle be it Aussie, American or European and would like to meet some great new people, have some real great fun and enjoy your car whilst doing it please feel free to visit the clubs website at

In All Ford Club of Westrn Australias sub forum here you will be able to find up and coming cruises and events. Plus any major news about the club.



2003 Ba xt Falcon 3v 5.4l
Engine: Eaton M122h supercharged 8psi, water to air intercooled, FRPP Hot Rod cams, 85lb/hr injectors, custom fuel rails, Shelby GT500 carbon fibre intake, maxed out factory 3v heads, fuel cell
Drive shaft: Veems modified 1310 series components, 3" X 0.65" tube, solid cross universal joints and heavy duty centre bearing. Weight saving of 2.2kg and an increase in critical speed of 2,000RPM.
Gearbox: Fully rebuilt BTR 4sp, Chryogenicaly treated, high stall
490rwhp E85
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