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Default Info for sellers

Some of you may have noticed some posts disappearing or being edited in the past few days. Reasons for this happening are:

* Adding information in regards to location etc to the thread title;
* Removing links to EBay auctions;
* Removing items that are sold or no longer for sale.

Some hints for sellers to ensure you get good exposure and abide by the rules:

* Add your location information into the title of the thread i.e. [NSW] - whatever you want to sell etc. This will save buyers asking you in the thread and clogging it up.

* When describing the item/s you have for sale, give information about what condition it is in (is it legal? roadworthy? etc).

* If you're selling wheels, state what model they are from/currently fitted to. If possible, tell us what the wheels will fit too.

* If the item is listed on EBay, do not link to the item directly - it will most likely be removed. Take the time to put some info in, maybe mention it is listed on Ebay also but DO NOT link to the Ebay auction.

* If you are a dealer or business trying to sell items via this forum they may be removed. If you're a business and want to sell items, consider becoming a forum sponsor and PM me or another mod for information.

* If the item is sold and not removed in a decent timeframe, PM me or another mod and we will remove it for you. Likewise if you want to remove the thread etc.

These simple things make it easier for buyers, so it's worth doing.

If in doubt or you have any questions, PM me! :
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