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Default 2018 Ford Nationals Carlisle PA

Some of you may know I have a XF Falcon Ute. August will be one year. I had the ute at our local World of Wheels Show in January and was approached by Ken Appell, the event coordinator for the Ford Nationals. He wanted me to bring the ute for in indoor display at this Junes Ford Nationals. Needless to say I said yes. I have to represent the Brand and the Country no less!

They only pick 11 vehicles for this event, so I was even more pleased to have been selected. Lots of looks and questions, met two Australians, one from SA and Queensland. The banner above the car is being sent to me, the only incorrect part, spelling of Australian. Ugh.

I also am linking a video someone shot on YouTube on move in day where they say the Ute is handsome!

I have lots of pictures to go through, so I am going to figure out what to post later.

1932 Ford Type 302 Ute w French Flathead, 302C Single Rail XC Falcon Ute, Stock 88 XF Falcon Ute, 1940 Ford Ute (body shell)
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