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Default Re: Ford Falcon BA-FG Coilovers

Originally Posted by Shockworks View Post
Hey BongoKongo,

We have now replaced many XYZ dampers as the travel is just so short. Just a note about the top bearing, If you grease the bearing, it will atract alot of dust and will damage the bearing over time as the grit will get inside the bearing. Our bearings are teflon lined with very high brake away, so no grease required.
After owning a set I can understand why you would be replacing many XYZ's.
Also I understand about the dirt in the bearings caused by greasing, but I'm OK with that because soon as these give up the Ghost they are going in the bin. The quicker they wear out the better. I have both front & rears set at their maximum height and almost maximum stiffness on the dampers. If I set them any other way I bottom out on anything bigger than a tennis ball.

I really like the feel of Tein, but I will give you a call when that time arises & see what you can do for me concerning replacements.
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