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Default Re: IRS upper shock mount - Permanent fix

Originally Posted by tkfd
Hello SOX, welcome back

I would have to send my set from Perth which might be pain. My car isn't a daily driver, but if I take mine out and send, then you send back, would be close to two weeks I reckon. Also, if I get the *****, and decide to have someone instal them properly, I can't drive my car there.

Are you able to source a s/h pair (maybe from a friendly FF member ), or alternatively, I could send you a pair from a wrecker at my end, (or actually it might be cheaper to send from a wrecker at your end)

have you come up with more definative pricing at all.

Thanks mate
I do still want to chase some from wrecking yards, I just haven't gotten around to it.
I understand about the turn around time.

I don't have firm pricing yet, but as said in the original post, between $200-$250.
How about I'll put a maximum of $250 for this first lot, and you'll likely get a pleasant surprise. It will likely be closer to $200.
I'll add the amount from the wrecking yards to the price of those that haven't sent me any, and will refund that amount on return of your dead ones.

Are you all happy with that?
If so, start sending me PM's with 100% confirmations, and I'll reply with postal details.
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