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Default Re: IRS upper shock mount - Permanent fix

Originally Posted by zdenko
I just had mine changed in November for new Standard ones.

Now I should still have my old ones (I think dad has the at work somewhere, will have to ask).
Would flogged out ones be able to be repaired?
They have 150000km's on them and were in an XR6 VCT. The centre is elongated.
They are worn to the point that the car sounded like a drum inside driving over the smallest bumps on the road.
No problem at all, the major wear parts are totally removed and replaced with parts that will never wear out.
The only serviceable items in the modified unit are the smaller conventional upper shock bushes which cost a few dollars and will last as long as they normally do on any other car which uses that type of bush.

BTW, I'm not sure if you wanted to be added to the list, or you want to donate an old set of mounts to me?

To everyone, The bush can be modified no matter what condition it's in. Please don't throw your old ones away, I can use them to keep a few on the shelf on hand

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