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Here once again re starting up my EF fairmont I have had new injectors fitted it still refuses to start after a couple of hours not all the time, I took it in to my mechanic he cant find any problem, he said she runs well he said he would have to keep the car three days which is not possible, he suspects fuel flooding
Whenever I start the car when it does start that is which is 90% of the time I always have a strong smell of fuel and a puff of black smoke out of the exhaust I have explained this but its sort of ignored, I cant get anywhere at all, Fuel pressure and codes are OK he said if it was these things it wouldn't run, like it does it idles well and drives very well going to the supermarket or anywhere else and park up its unpredictable I am a little lost with this I thought a smell of petrol and a puff of black smoke each time it starts would be enough to diagnose a remedy
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