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Default Re: Mustang 2.9L Whipple blower installed video.

There is a good running Coyote powered Mustang around my area running a 4.0 litre whipple blower that might be of interest and stir as little thought. It was chassis dynoed at just over 1,000rwhp. Let me qualify that statement. Chassis dynos often don't correlate well to fwhp through conversions. You need to find a good chassis dyno and operator and stick with that one for future mods and tunes.

That said the vod link provided shows it start off kind of so-so at my local track (Maryland International Raceway). Run by run they crank in the power and keep the chassis up with the track. FWIW there were very few mods to the factory 6 speed automatic and some significant stock components in the engine.

The vid is just under 3 minutes.
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