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Default Re: Shockworks 6 pot alloy calliper upgrade

Originally Posted by marcyeo View Post
Pretty sure they'd be almost the same, Brett said in his earlier post on page 1 of this thread that he designed the Shockworks calipers so they would take Brembo pads for replacement ease.
No- the 6 piston Brembos used by FPV and Sprints are 164.8 mm in length.

The pads used in the shockworks 6 piston is 190 mm in length, same pad as used by the Bremo Brembo 6 piston caliper used in the Brembo Grand Turismo series, so a much bigger caliper than the 6 piston caliper Brembo used in the FPV and Sprint Brembo 6 pistons.

The Brembo Grand Turismo of that size is used in the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. So they are not teh same as the Brembo 6 pistons used in FPV/Sprints, but are the same as the monster Brembos used in the Trackhawk.
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