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Default Re: Army Night Flying - Sydney 07-03-2019

Originally Posted by CitroŽnbender View Post
Comparing the Blackhawks at treetop height to the medical rescue helicopters is like our manís aforementioned straight-piped Harleys, vs postie bikes.

I remain baffled by the ďneedĒ to fly exactly the same path so many times if it was for general training (if it were planned thus, targeted letterbox drops would have been practical/effective). My New Australian neighbours, who work all sorts of strange hours cleaning just to get a toehold in the place, were walking their dog back and forth on the footpath for a good hour after it all died down, simply to calm the poor bugger - it was too intense for anything like a Thundercoat to work. Their English isnít good enough to research or understand the website mentioned earlier, and they are fearful of engaging with authorities.
You could plaster it on every telegraph pole, take out full page adds in national and local papers, advertise on social media, have tv and radio adds on all stations and do a massive email spam campaign, and people would still bitch and moan that they knew nothing about it and hadnít been told (happens all the time when the RFS / CFA conduct hazard reductions)

The thing about flying the same route is they are probably running some sort of drill, and the thing with drills is they are repetitive
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