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Default Re: Army Night Flying - Sydney 07-03-2019

Originally Posted by Cav View Post
So what is the point of this thread?

A bloke who says he hates Sydney complains about defence force training exercises?

Flying at night is extremely dangerous.

There was a horrendous accident near Townsville in 1996 where 6 Blackhawk helicopters crashed killing 16 service people.


The way to prevent such things happening again is to minimise risk and introduce better training for pilots, crews and soldiers.

So why are they doing such dangerous stuff in Sydney instead of in the bush?

Well where is the threat?

Terrorism, in areas of high populations. Places like Sydney perhaps.

Imagine if there is a terrorist plot in the street over from yours, who ya gonna call?

Well not the RAAF, you don't like the noise and disruption to your animals.


This is a forum for people who like Fords.

Why am I reading such drivel on hear?

Well we didn’t see any Blackhawks mowing down bad guys in Bourke street mall at zot feet in recent events. I think you’ll find the police are the front line in these situations, oh and a homeless dude with a shopping cart. Didn’t see too many black hawks at the Lindt siege in Martin Place either.

Come to think of it you don’t see many Blackhawks over Vaucluse or other effluent suburbs either. Strange that, mustn’t be any bad guys there? Well except for the Ibrahim’s but they are just misunderstood.

Im certainly not knocking the military either by the way, they do fantastic work and training is of course essential, perhaps just a little more communication with those impacted might help out in these situations. People get a chance to get the dogs in, be prepared for what’s happening and not scare the crap out of the elderly. Personally I’d be out watching! It would be a great view I’m sure! I recall watching them do manouveres in a Townsville years ago in the city, impressive

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