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Default Re: Ford to start reproducing AU Falcon

Originally Posted by Syndrome View Post
I don't see how this is possible. Not only is all the tooling gone but even Tier 1 suppliers like the one I worked for no longer exist (even the buildings have been demolished). So it will need to be rebuilt from scratch.
Just think of how good would that be for the economy!
Originally Posted by Syndrome View Post
Then you have the problem of a 20 year old design which does not meet current emissions and crash test requirements.
1: current emissions requirements are partly the result of a bunch of delusional crackheads thinking Australia can influence the rest of the would to clean up its act... all 25-odd million of us.....
2: crash test results.... like going back to the 50's with a metal spike in the middle of the steering wheel to impale you when the lack of a seatbelt failed to stop you hitting it in the event of a crash wouldn't inspire people to maybe, just maybe, put their damn iPhone down while theyre driving....
Originally Posted by Syndrome View Post
Better chance of success building brand new XW and XY Falcons.
Best part of what you said right there! I'd happily sacrifice my shot at a new AU V8 to get into a brand spankers XY..... I'd even be happy with just a Yellow glow XY Falcon 500, 250 2V and 4 speed......
I dont care if some prius driving eco-hippy thinks its politically incorrect for me to drive a V8..... I'm paying for the fuel!
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