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Default Re: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Originally Posted by zipping View Post
My grandfather put together Model- Ts in his garage on Brunswick St Fitzroy in the 20s. The government played no role in this.

This thread is about AOC.

AOC has claimed that the world will end in 12 years due to climate change.

You may not personally support her date but it appears people in general are claiming we must change our ways to save the planet in varying degrees.

AOC has presented her "New Green Deal" which proposes some major changes.

Changes that will impact how our society works.

Mcflux has publicly declared support for AOC's ideas.

Every proposal requires legislation and enforcement.

Zipping notes that he owns a much loved FG F6. AOC wants to ban combustion engines. Mcflux supports this.

Zipping would like to know if armed authorities are going to come to his property to confiscate his personal property at the point of a gun in the name of saving the world, then zipping thinks its fair to ask those that support these policies to justify them.

When the people who tell me there is a problem start acting like there is a problem I might take them more seriously.

My comment is not off-tangent, you want to ask of me what I believe you are not doing voluntary right now.

Zipping is merely pointing to the hypocrisy.
Good thing for you that you live in Australia then and she lives in the USA.

You're getting your panties in a bunch over a first term Congresswoman in the USA who has stars in her eyes and is lapping up the attention.

As per usual, people who spend too much time in right wing media outlets are overreacting to this person who will not impact them but it gives them a lightning rod so they can be angry about something.

Turn your computer off and go outside, maybe polish you car and enjoy it before she bans it....
I love Holdens....
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