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Default Re: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Originally Posted by Big Trev View Post
there should be NO middle class welfare.

Middle class welfare was introduced by Howard/Costello as a huge vote buying exercise and it worked (for a while), now all generations have to wear the burden of having to pay taxes to support 2 income families spending habits, tell me how that is fair?
Middle class welfare was around before Howard and Costello. On your logic, itís not fair that I have to pay tax to support aged pensions when some of them live in million dollar houses. And why should I pay for negative gearing (a cost to the budget of $4.5 billion per year)? That benefits baby boomers and Gen Y a whole lot more than Gen Z and Millenials. Itís fair because all that keeps our economy ticking along. Take any of it away and itís craps the bed.

China can get rid of their middle class welfare too. AThe US as well. Then Australia will be really better off when their economy collapses.

Like I said, you can take it away, have fun waiting in line at Centrelink.

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