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Default Re: Labor's Pitch to save Mechanic Industry

Originally Posted by Bevsta007 View Post
Full on as always Daz,

What were taking about is making these resources available at a reasonable cost. no theft.
Originally Posted by Mercury Bullet View Post
I didn't know tightening an alternator belt was illegal ip theft.
Nothing to stop 3rd parties working on cars,
except obviously, and particularly with modern electronics, they lack the access to data and proprietary software that the OEM have.

Firstly, I seriously question why they should be compelled to hand over this information? It is the very definition of IP, and forcing a company to hand it over is theft.

And the bigger question, is how on earth you make this happen, and how you enforce it.
And where do you draw the line?
If after a few months of a new model, Ford comes up with a quicker way to replace the widget, are they obligated to immediately educate everyone in Australia??

And the problem is this. There are many hardworking and conscientious independent mechanics out there, but they are the least likely to benefit from this. What it would help is the parasites; the chains who claim to do "logbook servicing" but in fact charge a premium for nothing more than an oil change with substandard consumables.
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