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Default Re: Ford Falcon BA-FG Coilovers

Well after two solid years of “Shockworks” enjoyment, things just a got better.

My coilovers were installed in June 2014 and as per the many posts above it transformed my G6ET. Come 2016 I corresponded with Brett at Shockworks about a knocking issue I’m experiencing in the rear. This noise was unrelated to the Shockworks equipment but Brett was happy to help. From here Brett mentioned ongoing tweaks and development to the tuning of the rear dampeners. Come late September I removed my rear dampeners and sent them to Brett for re-tuning. Having reinstalled the re-tuned dampeners, the car still feels planted, evenly balanced, yet the ride is a little more cushioned/relaxed over bumps. Initial feeling is traction has improved also due to a little extra squat under load.

So those of you whom were early adaptors like me, contact Brett regarding the re-tune and pricing, you won’t be disappointed.

*Brett, your product is fantastic, however your service is even better which is a credit to yourself and the team at Shockworks.
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