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Default Re: Cheers for the tough N/A Boss rebuild!

Hi guys,

The short motor was once upon a time the heart and soul of the purple pig drag car ; so forged bottom end, custom pistons, 'H' beam rods, billet oil pump, ARP bolts and the rest of the goodies to go with it. Late model 290 heads with a set of baby crow cams to keep the thing easy to live with as a daily driver and retain some form of fuel economy . Running on 98 octane. BPR CAI, which is feeding the stock plenum and 260 throttle body and exiting out a complete big boy De Filipppo system.

The block is bored and sleeved and is now 5.8 litres of modular thunder, but unlike yours Jon it is not an MMR block (killer build thread btw). Chris had the block machined locally if my memory serves me correctly. If I have this right the short motor was initially built to be a tough N/A with intentions of a S/C ethanol set up later on when Chris was racing it. Thus my comp isn't as high as yours (I think it's around 10.5) and the H beam rods.

Very happy with the outcome so far.
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