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Thumbs up Cheers for the tough N/A Boss rebuild!

Just wanted to thank you guys (Chris, Theo and Ryan) for all your hard work on what truly is a beast of a motor. The motor purrs like a kitten at idle and has a nice bellowing roar of a lion as the tacho bends its way in the clockwise direction.

Very pleased with how well the car behaves in the complete rev range, Chris as I have stated to you before I am very pleased with your choice of grind on the set of sticks. I was dreading that the cam was going to be too lumpy to drive daily, but fortunately it was in good hands and the engine behaves well at low RPM. Also the low end grunt is nothing short of awesome, the bottom end of the rev range feels as responsive as the top end of the old Boss 260 at full noise! Can barely believe you can get that much power from the motor south of 3000RPM from a modular without some sort of forced induction.

With already over 300rwkw I'm looking forward to what figures this motor will churn out once we get a decent plenum and throttle body set up on it and raise the rev limiter to 7500RPM.

Thanks once again to the three of you at various stages throughout the build advising me on my options before I had even spent a cent, particularly you Chris for giving up your personal time whilst balancing family affairs. Greatly appreciated mate, definitely went the extra mile to help a customer.



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