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Default Re: NBN Fibre to the Node (FTTN) - What does it mean to us?

Originally Posted by Simple6 View Post
NTF6 - I was hoping you had some information about us getting NBN out here in Alice!

I too have sporadic issues with our ADSL - sometimes we can stream TV without issue and sometimes it'll buffer every 30 seconds as you say.

There was that article not to long ago in the paper that suggests by the end of 2016 we'll have FTTN, which I guess will hopefully be better than what we've got now.

Although the article also mentioned that new Kilgariff estate won't be getting it. It'll be satellite NBN only! Unbelievable.
About 9000 homes and businesses in Alice are supposed to be on NBN by July 2016, unfortunately none will be FTTP. Spoke to my BIL yesterday who lives in Darwin and he is already on FTTP and has been for about 6 months with blindingly fast speeds, they did his whole suburb in 3 months. He did register for it about 2 years ago though. His suburb and 1 other are apparently the only 2 suburbs in Darwin that will be getting FTTP the rest like us will be FTTN.

Telstra really do suck, I have a long story that I am still trying to resolve with them at the moment. I used to ADSL2+ and they inadvertently down graded me to ASDL. Then when I told them to fix it they said they couldn't because there were no ADSL2+ ports left at the exchange

So then a Telstra tech calls me from the exchange and says he is looking at my connection and I am already on an ADSL2+ port (which I new I was because I used to have ADSL2+)

1 month later they have upgrade my package to ADSL2+ (now paying for it ...again) but still only receiving ADSL speeds
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