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Originally Posted by galaxy xr8 View Post
I had a demo one for the week and loved it, the 29" wheels were fantastic and really do improve the bike from the 27.5", the suspension although not as much travel as some others, still is quite enough for me and feel's a lot more then it actually is, I'm sure I'll never bottom it out at my age.

The only downside I could say was the seat was a little hard for my liking but easily swapped out for something better, and also the brakes..... I am used to the bite of the Shamano, and the brakes on this bike are the sram guide T which are the bottom of the range for sram, which once again are easily swapped out for anyway if I feel the need I have too, but for the time being it may just be a case of getting used to them, time will tell on that front.

But I'm in love with the fluro Green and how the bike rode with ease up some very step and adventurous climb's that my old bike never could.
Agree. Some years ago I was fortunate to do a back to back demo from a hardtail, 27.5 and through to the 29er. Years ago you would have never considered a dually to race XC . My friend owns a bike store and said I would be blown away by the stability of the 29er over steep and narlee descents. I wasn't sold as I was concerned about the added weight.
The demo day , I rode the hardtail , and it felt fast. Rode the 27.5 and loved the stability especially over rough grounds and small steps up and down. Rode the 29er , and couldn't stop smiling for the moment I clicked in . The 29er doesn't care way line you take , you don't need to be precise with your lines , it just absorbs anything you throw at it and best of all after a circuit you come away still in great nic. You have lost any speed tip toeing as you need to do with the hardtail. I have no idea how we ever rode the 26' hardtail.

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