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Default Re: Just a Survey: How many Kilometers Your Focus has Done?

Originally Posted by RadioactiveX View Post
That's awesome to see that yours is still running great!

I have some questions though:

1) Do you know if it is still on it's original Dual Mass Flywheel and Clutches?
I heard it is a common issue with mt with dmf, they require more maintenance.
2) On what kms did you change the 2x timing belts?
Aside from the timing chain (also has one) that is due at 240,000

p.s I'm looking at buying meself a six year old diesel soon.
Hi, thanks...yes, I've had a very good run with it!

For your questions:
1) I needed to have the clutch and dual mass flywheel replaced approximately 6 months after I purchased it....unfortunately, it was quite an expensive exercise as all the hardware including a new DMF, clutch pressure and friction plate and all the hydraulics (within the bellhousing) and throw out bearing was needed at the time. That work was done at 122,800 kms (~about $2500 job at the local Ford dealer at the time). However, with me driving it since then, it has now lasted > 163,000 kms, exceeding the original clutch / DMF life, to date. No special "maintenance" is required with these (they're not adjustable or anything) but I guess it depends on driving habits more than anything.

2) While I have owned it, the first full timing belt / chain was replaced at the 180K service (and I think it was supposed to be changed at 120K according to the maintenance schedule) and the second one was done at the 240K service (at that time we also did the front crank seal as it was just starting to weep in to the timing area and coating the belt, etc).

I would certainly recommend these LT/LV diesel Focus cars - in fact, I am lamenting that this combination of TDCi / manual transmission is not available in a Focus after the LV model. The only really niggling issues I seem to have are that this series of Focus always seems to blow light globes randomly (headlight, tailight, parkers, etc although never changed a front indicator globe - go figure!) but that is not an engine specific issue, per se.

Sorry about the long post but I would certainly encourage anyone to buy one....just make sure it's been correctly maintained and observe carefully how the person selling the car demonstrates how they drive it and how they've used the can tell you a lot. My car was owned by an AFP officer who commuted from Dromana to Melbourne everyday so it got a nice long warm up and drive cycle rather than short trips. I drive it minimum 100 kms per day; heaps more on weekends.

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