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Default Tyre Choices - LW ST

My rear tyres are due for a change. I'm looking to change only the 2 worn tyres and looking to stick with the Good Year Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2's currently installed. Only problem is there seems to be a lack of stock for them, both online and through the Tyre shops. I placed an order with Kmart but they're on back order and probably won't be delivered until late January at least. It's getting pretty urgent now as the tread is reaching the markers so not sure if I can wait that long.

I can see online through Tyresales & Tyroola that the Asymmetric 2 is sold out, but there appears to be plenty of stock for Asymmetric. The only possible issue is that the Asymmetric is rated at 95W while the Asymmetric 2 is rated at 95Y. Is there any issue with mixing ratings like this? Anyone fitted Asymmetric to their car?
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