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FTF Car Club of NSW Enthusiasts Past and Present, the club for all Falcons.

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10-04-2015 until 31-12-2020
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Searchable Diagnostic Trouble Codes Database

Good evening

You'll need to select a model from the drop down list and know the DTC code as the search will only return a maximum of ten results.

Codes for models from AU onward will start with B (Body related), P (Power train related), C (chassis related) or U (CAN related) while models prior to AU have numeric codes without a prefix.

Note: if you find insufficient data on a code under one model, try using the REF code explained below.

At present we have EF, EL, AU, BA, BF, FG, ZG Escape and the 2016 Mustang uploaded.

There is also a reference database (REF) included that gives considerably more detail for each "P" type DTC up to P2400. The column headings for REF based searches (Mechanical / Sensor / Electrical) are not ALWAYS applicable and these should be read as Explanation / Possible Causes and Diagnostic Aids.

**The REF database has been updated to include Ranger and other late model DTC's up to 2017**

Search Form is HERE


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10-04-2015 until 31-12-2020
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Factory Workshop Manuals **UPDATED 01/2018**

Good morning

For the benefit of AFF members, we are adding some of the Ford factory workshop manuals to the Technical portal.

Most of these have been scanned from hard copy versions which we have as part of our technical library and cover some of the older models or those that are somewhat rarer and thus hard to find.

Some of the scans are not great quality due to the original raw material but these represent several days of work each to scan, convert and collate into the HTML format they are presented in.

Currently uploaded are the following:

Cougar SW (2000-2002) (Australian Spec)
Courier PH V6 (2003-06) **New 2018**
Escape ZA (2001-04)
Escape ZB (2004-06)
Escape ZC (2006-08)
Explorer UT (2001-03)
Explorer UZ (2004-08) **New 2018**
Falcon XK-XL (1960-64)
Falcon XM Supplement (1964-65)
Falcon XR-XT / Fairlane ZB (1966-69)
Falcon XW / Fairlane ZC (1969-1970)
Falcon XA / Fairlane ZF (1972-73)
Falcon XB / Fairlane ZG (1973-76)
Falcon EA-ED (1988-94)
Falcon EF-EL (1994-98)
Falcon AU (1998-2004)
Falcon BA / Fairlane BA (2004-2005)
Falcon BF (2005-2008) **New 2018**
Fiesta WP (2004-2007)
Fiesta WQ (2007-09) **New 2018**
Focus LR (2002-2005)
Focus LS (2005-2007)
Focus LT (2007-2009) **New 2018**
Ka TB (1999-2002)
Laser KQ (2001-04)
Mondeo HC (1997-02)
Mondeo HE (2002-04)
Mondeo MA (2007-09) **New 2018**
Mustang 2001 (Australian Spec)
Territory SX (2004-06)
Territory SY (2006-08) **New 2018**
Territory SY Turbo (2007-08) **New 2018**
Transit VE (1995-2000)

Others will be added as time permits. These are only accessible to registered members and not guests.


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23-09-2005 until 31-12-2020
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Wiring Diagrams - UPDATED 01/2018

As part of our commitment to providing a one stop resource for Ford enthusiasts we have added wiring diagrams for a number of late model Ford cars.

These are located in the Technical Area and can be found HERE

Some of these are fairly large and may require patience while loading.

Please note that for the following models, the wiring schematics are included with the actual workshop manuals which can be found HERE.

  • BF Falcon
  • Courier PH **NEW**
  • Mondeo MA **NEW**
  • Territory SY Supplement **NEW**
  • Territory SY Turbo Supplement **NEW**

We currently have:

Falcon based

  • AU Falcon
  • AU T-Series Supplement
  • AU Starter Button Wiring
  • BA Falcon
  • BA Fairlane Supplement
  • BA-BF FPV Supplement
  • EA-ED Falcon
  • EF-EL Falcon
  • FG Phone & AIM
  • FG ICC
  • XM Falcon
  • XR-XT Falcon
  • XW Falcon / ZC Fairlane
  • XA Falcon / ZF Fairlane
  • XB Falcon / ZG Fairlane
  • XD-XE Falcon /ZK Fairlane / FD LTD

Other Models

  • Cougar SW
  • Courier PG
  • Escape ZA
  • Explorer UT-UX
  • Fiesta WP
  • Fiesta WQ **NEW**
  • Focus LR
  • Focus LS **NEW**
  • Laser KQ
  • Mondeo HE
  • Mustang 2001 AUS Spec
  • Territory SX
  • VE Transit
  • VJ Transit AUS Spec
  • Audio Wiring Diagrams
  • Power Seat Schematics
  • SuperFringe Radio
  • XF Emission Control Schematics
  • Dual Fuel Schematics for Mixer Systems
Cheers Russ


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13-01-2005 until 31-12-2020
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Technical Info

You may notice a link on the middle navigation bar of the forum (next to the Gallery link) called Technical Resources .

This link accesses the Technical portal which is fully integrated with the site and which contains the Sales statistics, technical docs, wiring schematics, reviews and specification information that is available to members along with our own testing data and car care guides.

Contributions from members are welcome and they can be submitted to ADMIN for inclusion.

Posting in the portal (except for article comments) is presently disabled.

As always, suggestions for improvement are always welcomed and these can be posted in the site support forum.

Regards Russ


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07-01-2005 until 31-12-2020
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Brochure Scans - UPDATED

The bulk of the brochure scans are now up in the gallery. Each section is categorised by series with the varying models below as sub headings.

Please be aware that most of these images are large files - typically 300k+ and their use on dial-up is not recommended.

Please treat this resource as a tool for your own benefit. They are not viewable by unregistered or pending confirmation people and should not be linked to outside this forum.

Discussion, or additional scans / brochures that you might want to contribute please post in this thread: Discussion Forum

The link to the Brochure Gallery is here: Brochure Gallery

Regards Russ


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07-01-2005 until 07-01-2020
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Site Terms & Conditions - UPDATED 23/11/2013

AFF is a community based forum provided for the benefit of registered members. Membership acceptance and continuation is entirely at the discretion of the administrator as is access to any part of the forum.

All posted content remains the property of FordForums Australia and removal or retention of any user post is at the discretion of the administrator..

This is a moderated site, which means that there are a few simple rules in place to ensure that everyone is free to enjoy the community here without fear or favour.

Bullying of another member (defined as torment, threats, harassment, humiliation, embarrassment or otherwise targeting by another member) will not be tolerated. Any member engaging in this sort of behaviour will be removed from the forum without further recourse.

The site is provided mainly for the benefit of those wishing to discuss vehicle related matters (not exclusively Ford ones) but an area is provided (called the BAR) for other non automotive related discussion that is of general interest to the community. This is NOT a free for all area and posts that either don't meet the criteria listed below or which are deemed to be unduly trivial in nature may be removed at the discretion of the moderation team.

In short, the following things are not permitted:

1. Posts about or containing references to: religion, race, politics, sensitive or controversial subjects except at the discretion of the admin team.

2. Posts that are (or could reasonably be considered to be): defamatory, threatening, invasive of privacy, or which otherwise violate any law applicable within Australia.

3. Posts that are disrespectful or insulting to another forum member. Remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as it is expressed in a reasoned manner.

4. Posts containing advertising material in any form except those posted by or on behalf of supporting site sponsors. This includes private 'For Sale' posts except those posted within the specifically provided For Sale areas and in accordance with the T&C of that area.

5. Posts containing attempts to avoid the language filter.

6. Posts that are deliberately argumentative or which fail to respect the opinion of another member.

7. SMS style posts - the odd generally accepted abbreviation is fine but posts full of SMS messaging text will be deleted.

8. Continual posts containing negative comments about the Ford Motor Company, Ford related product or the AFF community. This does not mean that you can't raise a legitimate issue or make the occasional negative comment but consistent bashing won't be tolerated.

9. Posts containing contents of a Private Message (PM). The PM system is for one to one personal communication and public posting of those messages is a breach of the Privacy Act..

Posts which breach any of the points above will be removed at the absolute discretion of the administration team.

Posts which breach any of the points above may also result in a warning being issued to the offender. These warnings can result in temporary (or permanent) removal of access to the forum and if sufficient warnings are given to an individual then that ban will become permanent.

If you feel that a post has been removed or a warning issued incorrectly then please use the Private Messaging system (or the email link provided in the warning notification) to discuss the issue with a member of the admin team rather than discuss the issue publicly.

Hosted Car Clubs

Incorporated, Ford related car clubs can apply to have their own forum area on AFF in the Ford Car Club section. This can include a link back to the club website as long as the following requirements are maintained:

1. Links on club websites to a forum should be directed to the forum hosted at AFF.

2. The club website should not contain an alternate forum area.

3. The club website should not contain material that would be in breach of the AFF family friendly policy.

Sponsor Standards

1. New threads may be created to highlight a product or service and these should be written so as to be informative and of general interest to the membership.

2. New threads may be created to inform members of special pricing, sales, specials and other items that provide an advantage to the membership base.

3. New threads may be created outside of the sponsor area but they must meet the following criteria:

a. They must be closed after they have been created so that no posts can be added to the thread; and

b. They must contain a link back to an identical thread within the sponsor area which is open for posting.

4. Moderation of a sponsored forum may be conducted by a nominated representative of the sponsor.

All sponsors are expected to maintain a high standard of professionalism in their dealing with the forum membership and conduct their business in an ethical manner. The following things are expressly prohibited:

1. Posts in a competing or other supporting vendor thread; whether started by that vendor, a member of the admin team or a customer of that vendor AND which could be construed as of a negative nature. This includes seemingly innocent questions; attempts to make comparisons with their own product and posts that come from known supporters of a particular vendor.

2. Posting information that includes a direct comparison with any other vendor product that is, in any way, derogatory towards that competitor product.

General Information

1. The technical resources provided on this site are available only to registered members; are protected by copyright laws and remain the exclusive property of the authors. You may not reproduce, copy, use, or disclose this material, in whole or in part, without the express prior consent of the author.

2. This site is no way affiliated with Ford Australia and its' subsidiaries.

3. All posts are the opinions of the poster and in no way should be considered to represent or be endorsed by the site administration.

4. Posting of any site content without the express permission of the original poster is expressly prohibited.

5. AFF complies with Australian legislation in regards to user privacy and has a privacy policy.

Administration Team

The administration team consists of 3 Directors with primary responsibilities as follows:


Russellw Chairman of Directors (Finance & Strategy)

wulos - Promotions Director

Spoolman - Events & Sponsorship Director



cs123 - Technical Guru



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