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Spare Parts and Other Accessory Items For all other Car Parts and any general items for sale. Note: ALL transactions in these forums are done at your own risk. FordForums Australia Inc. does NOT take responsibility for any aspect of any item or transaction that may take place via the site.

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Default ************* TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR SALES AREA (Read Before Posting)**********

Terms and Conditions of use for “The Sales Yard"

This area of FFAU is set up so registered users with 25 Posts have an area where they can buy and sell items from other users. Trolling the site just to achieve the required posts could mean a permanent ban from the Sales Yard.

In order to use the Sales Yard, you must adhere to the following guidelines:
Failure to do so can mean that access to this area is denied. This is important to keep the area up to date and easy to sell and buy. Its a free service to help the Ford community so please, do not abuse it.

The forum is for private selling only.
Commercial entities such as wreckers, car yards etc (other than site sponsors) are not permitted to use the For Sale forums, any posts made by these organisations will be removed along with access rights to this section for that particular user.

Ebay ... Carsales ... Or links to other sites are not permitted.
If an item is on Ebay, Carsales or any sites also selling your car you cannot post a link through the Sales Yard. Sales Yard cannot be used to promote your other adds and promote other sites. You may state that it is for sale elsewhere.

For Ebay an item number is allowed but hyperlinks to Ebay links will be removed.

Use the template
All fields MUST be completed

Must have an accompanying Picture (except in the Parting / Dismantling section)
The use of generic pictures is not permitted for used items - the picture must be of the actual item you are selling. If you are unable to post an image of the actual item for some reason please PM a moderator and we will see how we can assist. In the case of new items a stock image may be used but it must be an accurate representation of the item.

If the you do not have the pictures when the ad is placed, do not place the ads until you have the pics .... simple. Ads with "Pics coming when ever" will be removed.

Note: The form used in all the For Sale areas has a bug in it where it won't accept us linking directly to the image uploading box without a user linking to a picture via a URL.

The picture doesn't have to be related and if you don't have one then just link to fordforums.com.au/clear.gif - it's basically a picture of a blank pixel.

Once you have done that and clicked submit you will be taken to the normal picture upload dialogue box where you can upload as you normally would.

An asking price must be present (except in the Parting / Dismantling section)
You are required to have an asking price for the item. Auction sales are not permitted as they often result in threads becoming ridiculously long. Ebay is the place to go if you want to sell your item that way!

Wrecking cars
Largely whole cars can be advertised BUT every item is to use the form provided in the sub forum dedicated to that purpose.

Multiple Listings
If you are selling more than 1 item for a similar car, do not open separate threads for each item. Multiple threads should be combined under one title ie:'Miscellaneous Parts- EA to ED'

General chat
General chat is NOT permitted unless it is directly related to asking questions on the sale and answers given. This area is NOT a general discussion area. If you want to ask a question to the seller not related, send a PM. General chat will be removed, adds can be deleted and warnings will be issued.

It is no ones place to say something is too expensive if they have no intention of purchasing. It is no ones business except those genuinely wanting to buy.

It doesn't work as all threads are random and only gets the attention of the mods. If you have something to add to your thread regarding the sale, please do so but blatant bumping or continuously adding to thread just for the sake of it is NOT permitted. If something isn't moving or there is no interest, look at adjusting your price.

Posting of offers significantly below the asking price is not permitted.

Moderators and admin reserve the right to edit the content of any post or thread at their discretion. Please let a mod know when items are sold so they can be deleted. Threads may be removed after 30 days to the discretion of mods/admin.

Warnings will be given and threads closed if these Terms & Conditions are not adhered to.

Hints for successful buying/selling:

Be honest and accurate
The more information you can provide about the item for sale the better. Describe its condition, age, what it suits, what it does, what it came off etc. All of this makes it easier for buyers to see if it is the item they’re after.

Keep a record of communication between you and the buyer/seller. It’s in your best interests to do this so if something goes wrong, it can be easily resolved.

View the item in person before buying if possible.
If you’re in a different location, consider asking somebody you know who may be closer to have a look for you.

Agree on price
Never transfer money or pay for an item without agreeing on the price and terms of the sale.

If something goes wrong with the sale
Contact the buyer/seller and try to resolve it. Keep in mind we will not get involved but if you do come across a dodgy dealer, report them so we can monitor their activities/take the appropriate action.

. Only registered post

All goods must be sent with registered post; once the item or items have been posted it’s the sellers responsibly to provide the buyer with the registered post number ASAP.

If you’re using shipping company other than Australia Post all sellers should quote shipping costs with a tracking number and provide the number to the buyer ASAP.

Should you choose to trade outside these T/C please don’t bother asking Admin for assistance if your item doesn’t arrive to its destination.

The above is designed to supply a piece of mind to the seller and buyer, a small increase in shipping costs will insure your item has been sent.

. Dodgy dealers
Users who do not pay for/send items should be reported to any member of the admin team via PM. We do not want these people ruining the forums, and we will take appropriate action (including banning of users and possible police involvement where appropriate).

* FS forum use is limited to registered members only. It is a service provided free of charge for users to buy and sell items. It is NOT like Ebay where you can bid/auction off items, its a simple "you want it, you buy it, you don't want it, you sell it" type arrangement. Given that this is a free service offered by AFF, it may also be appropriate to consider becoming a donating member if you frequent the FS forums.

* Any user who is found to be ripping off/defrauding/stuffing other users round will be immediately banned. No ifs, not buts, no maybes. If you think you can do dodgy deals here, consider this your first and only warning.

Note that we do not take any responsibility for any transactions done in the FS forums

This is in bold print at the top of every page, and by using the FS forums you agree to it, but we will wherever possible and appropriate, assist users if things do go wrong.

Whether you are buying or selling through these forums, you should keep the following points in mind:-

* Communication is important - email addresses, mobile phone numbers etc. Keep a record of them so if you need to contact the buyer/seller, you can do so easily.

* Always keep a copy of any bank receipts, transfer receipts etc for your own records, and wherever possible, use registered post to send items through the mail. This requires someone to sign for the item when it's delivered, and is easier to track if it goes missing somewhere along the line.

Group Purchases

Group Purchase items are governed by the Group Purchase Policy as set by the administration team. This policy is outlined below:

Step 1.
Any AFF member can post up an “Expression of interest” thread for a group purchase of any piece of equipment they like (to be place in the “Items Wanted” area). A poll should / will be added to the initial thread with a duration of 30 days. If the poll is successful (i.e. a sufficient number of people express interest) then we will move on to sourcing a supplier.
Step 2.
Tenders will be invited from site sponsors as well as proposed sources from members that have expressed an interest in the group purchase. ALL tenders should be forwarded to the AFF administration team and will be treated with utmost confidentiality.
Step 3.
The AFF administration team will have the final say in regards to the supplier of AFF approved group purchase deals.
Step 4.
Once approved a Group Purchase deal thread will be posted(in the General For Sale area) and the group purchase goes ahead.

We will still permit a certain amount of flexibility to 'group purchase schemes that are run on a 'club forum', or 'speciality forum' type deal. The above is initially intended to cover 'general AFF' group purchase offers. The above process will allow for increased site sponsor involvement (should they choose to do so), ensure that the actual group purchase participants are genuine (ie not some shonky wanting people to send money with no intention of ever sending a product) as well as allowing some control in regards to juggling the best possible outcome for all parties (AFF, AFF members, Site sponsors, suppliers of Ford Goodies)

By using these forums you agree to the above conditions and also agree that fordforums will not be held liable for any transaction that occurs via these forums. All transactions occur at the risk of the buyer/seller.

As always, any problems feel free to PM myself or a Mod or admin. :

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