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Old 22-05-2020, 10:55 PM   #61
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Default Re: Powershift data logs and P0715

Hey there Austenite,

Yes, I did go with the independent specialist for the repair - Auto Torque in Phillip ACT.

Their invoice (in 2016) was fully $1K cheaper than the Ford dealer quoted - $2,429.17 versus $3,427. Labour was the biggest component of the cost, as the transmission needs to be removed from the vehicle, partially disassembled, and then everything put back again. Auto Torque charged $1452 for 11 hours, vs $1740 quoted by the dealer (my quote doesn't say how long, but I was told they discounted 3 hours).

Parts and consumables cost about the same (speed sensor $580 vs $530, transmission fluid $290/7L vs $250/6L), but Auto Torque had fewer items on the list. Ford's quote contained over $600 worth of additional items including a second sensor, transmission cover kit, and for some reason, coolant. When I queried this, they simply told me that this was just what the supplied list specified for rectifying the P0715 fault.

Which brings me to the other reason I chose the independent, they actually knew what they were dealing with and had a record and testimonials for fixing several Mondeos before mine (including those of some members on this forum). So I had more confidence they would actually put it back together right. The dealer on the other hand seemed to be guessing, to the point where (as detailed in this thread) I basically had to diagnose the issue for them, and then they received (probably) one-size-fits-all instructions from the mothership. Then expected me to pay for (probably) the on-the-job learning for the technician doing it for the first time...
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Old 23-05-2020, 08:45 AM   #62
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Default Re: Powershift data logs and P0715

Originally Posted by Austenite View Post
When you got it repaired, was it at the specialist? Care to share the name?

I now have the same problem in Brisbane, Ford Springwood just quoted $5,500 (including clutch replacement, car now has 170,000km) and am on the hunt for a price closer to yours.

General mechanic next door said he'd quoted similar for the same model, and thought his trade price from the specialist would be about $4,000.

Will let you know how I go!
My experience was much the same as Mondaveo. Same specialist. Same price.

A clutch replacement was not part of our repair, so this might account for the extra cost. I enquired about it as i had 134K km but they said it wasn't required and the clutch was in a different part of the transmission to where the sensor is and required more dismantling.
What is prompting the clutch replacement? Mine is starting to get a bit grabby on takeoff so I'm wondering if mine might be on the way out. (310K km)

Also, my repair was 4 years ago, so prices would of increased.

My advice would be, if you get the repair done, get them to change the rear main engine seal whilst they are in there. Mine developed a leak not long after my transmission repair, and it seems to be a common problem, and a transmission out repair.
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Old 23-05-2020, 06:27 PM   #63
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Default Re: Powershift data logs and P0715

Thank you both, much appreciated!

I haven't actually started looking for other specialists yet, since I've driven the car for about 50,000 km with the issue, mine might not be too bad. Considering the age of the car I'm tossing up whether to keep driving it until someone crashes into me.
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