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Default Re: 1999 Laser engine stalls

Originally Posted by DrFalconstein View Post
Ive just changed the crank angle sensor, car drives great for 30min then starts to splutter under acceleration ! engine running but when you accelerate it has no power then cuts out. starts up after 5 to 10 min
can hear the fuel pump working
I want to solve this problem without it costing, need to sell the car
Just because you can hear the fuel pump working, does not mean it is working correctly and sending the right amount of pressure and volume, especially when more fuel is required such under acceleration and increased loads. I would firstly take off the fuel supply line at the rail and measure the amount of fuel in volume over a certain period of time (would need to look the spec up) and then put a pressure gauge and see what the pressure is when driving and the problem occurs. Blocked fuel filter could also be a cause.

Check these as a first step..
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