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Default Re: HOLDEN Forum - where?

Originally Posted by Bevsta007 View Post
yes top gear used the first Gen Model.
the 2nd gen Daewoo Lacetti Premiere/ Cruze till 2011 when they changed the name on the Korean Building to GM..
so 2011 onward no longer has the Daewoo badge - but its still produced in the same place..
It was a lot more than a "name change" on a building.

New management, new engineers. Old factories closed, new ones built. GM changed a lot of stuff at GM-Korea.

Daewoo Motors ceased to be an entity in 2002 when it was purchased by GM. By 2005 GM had completed the takeover & the Daewoo name existed only as a badge on South Korean Chevs.

Not a lot of parts or design shared between the J200 & the J300.

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