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Originally Posted by Bevsta007 View Post
remember the Topgear reasonably priced car: Daewoo Lacetti

same thing bud.
Not so!!

The Daewoo Lacetti (J200) was a Daewoo design built between 2002 & 2008. We got it here in Australia as the Holden Viva. It was a smaller car than the Cruze.

The Cruze which was coded J300 by GM-Korea was a GM Platform called the Delta II. It ran from 2008 to around 2017 in most markets. It was badged as the Chevrolet Cruze in most world markets (including the UK & Europe), but called the Holden Cruze in Australia.

The car seen on Top Gear was the J200 Lacetti, not the larger, newer Cruze model. The old Lacetti was a Daewoo.

In South Korea where the Daewoo named still had a strong following, GM called the Cruze a Daewoo Lacetti for its first few years, up until 2011 when the Daewoo brand ceased worldwide. They then used the Chev Cruze name.

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