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Default Re: 6 speed ZF tuning avaliable!

Originally Posted by Herrod Motorsport View Post
Currently the accredited Herrod SCT ZF Transmission tuners can adjust the following characteristics of the 6HP26 transmission
-​TCM based vehicle speed limiting
-​Shift schedule, which allows changing transmission shift points and how long the
​vehicle holds onto each gear in all transmission modes
-​Kick-down sensitivity
-​Change of shift pattern for differential gear changes
-​Manual mode downshifting
-​Eliminate holding second gear till standstill
-​Adjust torque converter stall settings
-​On-coming and Off-going clutch shift behaviour for built transmissions
-​Running Line Pressure for high power applications
-​Shift pressure per shift event based on actual gear
-​Maximum shift time and amount of slip for each shift
-​All of these pressure and time/slip settings are discrete for up-shift and downshift
-​Torque limits for general transmission operation
-​Torque reduction for each shift event
-​Maximum transmission torque capability for built transmissions
-​Torque characteristic to adapt for different viscosity transmission fluids
This is a brief point form description of the kind of effects and results that can be achieved via adjustment and calibration of the several hundred files in the transmission

Hi Rob,
Does the last item in your list mean you use oils other that Lifeguard 6 depending on the application?
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