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Default Re: Modular/Coyote Falcon 10.99 and faster list

Big congrats to Garry Hunter overnight, his Intune-tuned GS ute dropped 3 tenths with an improved 60' time to reset the stock blower record... proud as punch that the addition of a Circle D converter has helped him edge ever closer to a 9 second pass!


(P) Corey Hamilton (XR8menace) / BF XR8 Ute Willowbank 8.98 @ 150 Kenne Bell 5.0L Coyote 3A HPS QUICKEST COYOTE and QUICKEST OUTRIGHT


(W) Simon Birch (Xtreme F6) / FG XR8 Ute Kwinana 9.40 @ 148 Whipple 5.4L Modular 3A XFT QUICKEST MODULAR

(W) Daniel Otway (CAT600 / FG Miami GS Ute Heathcote 9.71 @ 143 Kenne Bell 5.0L Miami 6A XFT QUICKEST MIAMI

(P) Daniel Otway (CAT600 / FG XR8 Sedan Kwinana 9.83 @ 145 Twin Turbo 5.0L Modular 6A XFT


(W) Chris Finnin (Bluepower) / BA Pursuit Ute Heathcote 10.04 @ 141 Kenne Bell + NOS 5.4L Modular 4A Bluepower

(P) Daniel Otway (CAT600) / AU TS50 Sedan Heathcote 10.07 @ 139 Kenne Bell 5.0L Modular 6M XFT QUICKEST MANUAL MODULAR

(P) Garry Hunter / FG Miami GS Ute WSID 10.27 @ 135.7 Stock Blower 5.0L Miami Intune

(W) Matt (YT Tech) / BA XR8 Ute Calder 10.56 @ 129.5 Whipple 5.4L Modular 3A HPF

(P) Brett Luland (CANFRY) / FG GT WSID 10.64 @ 138 Kenne Bell 5.0L Miami 6M CV Performance QUICKEST MANUAL MIAMI

(W) Shane Pollock (KPM Motorsport) / FG Miami GS Sedan Heathcote 10.65 @ 136 Harrop 2300 5.0L Miami 6A KPM

(P) Ash (ash68) / BA XR8 Ute Willowbank 10.69 @ 125.97 NOS N/A 5.4L Boss (unopened) 6M Dynomite

(W) Barry Batten (gtp) / FG Miami GS Ute Kwinana 10.70 @ 131 Whipple 5.0L Coyote 6A BPT

(P) Chris Finnin (Bluepower) / BA XR8 Ute Heathcote 10.75 @ 139 Kenne Bell 5.4L Modular 4M Bluepower (Owner - AGRO)

(P) Phil (Sutty) / FG GTE Willowbank 10.83 @ 132 Stock Blower 5.0L Miami 6A Elite

(W) Simon Birch (Xtreme F6) / FG GS Ute Kwinana 10.84 @ 127 Stock Blower 5.0L Miami 6A XFT

(W) Chris Finnin (Bluepower) / BA XR8 Sedan (Purple Pig) Heathcote 10.86 @ 130 N/A 5.4L Modular 3A Bluepower

(P) Josh Prescott (JOSH) / BA Pursuit Ute WSID 10.90 @ 129 Kenne Bell 5.4L Modular 6M Bluepower

(P) Daniel (StrikeTwiceXR6) / FG Miami GS Ute WSID 10.95 @ 134 Stock Blower 5.0L Miami 6A Autotech

(W) Daniel (Sydney Tuner) / FG Miami GT Sedan WSID 10.95 @ 130 Stock Blower 5.0L Miami 6A Autotech (Owner - Spiro)

(W) RDP (RDP) / FG Miami GS Sedan Willowbank 10.96 @ 127 Stock Blower 5.0L Miami 6A RDP

(P) Chris (Pitlane) / FG Miami GT Sedan Heathcote 10.99 @ 124 Stock Blower 5.0L Miami 6A Pitlane


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